Shit That People I Enjoy on Facebook Say

Sometimes I get a little pissy at the world in general, and call out people I hate and the dumb shit that they say. After that, I want to make it up to the world by reminding them (and myself) that there are people who I don’t hate who say lovely things on social media sites.

Everyone has a few people on the social medias that they used to work with/go to school with/met once at a party who you friended ¬†because you had a bonding experience, but you don’t expect to ever have a face to face conversation with that person ever again. Most of the time, it’s completely acceptable to let them hang around for a year or so, and then unfriend/unfollow/un-whatever them after they say something particularly stupid or obnoxious.

I happen to be lucky enough to have a few of these people who I refuse to get rid of, because they light up my news feed with some real gems. Such as:

After reading that article on Jezebel about gender-neutral baby clothes, and getting into some of the comments, where people said that everyone compulsively asks a baby’s gender, I think I’ve come to the decision that if I’m ever toting a baby around and someone asks if it’s a boy or girl, I’m just going to look blankly at them and shrug like I have no idea.

Love it. She also goes on to call babies “small sentient marshmallows that leak fluids”, so you know she’s fun to peek in on every now and again.

Anyone else find it creepy that Blanche called her father “Big Daddy”?#GoldenGirlsMarathon

Yes, it is creepy. And yes, I do love that I have friends in their 20’s who still marathon Golden Girls.

And I leave you with this lovely video, added by an acquaintance on Facebook. It’s pretty fantastic, and I would never have known about it if it weren’t for Facebook (which may be a goo thing or a bad thing, depending on your opinion of foxes and their vocal habits).


Bow Ties are Cool

Sometimes, my sister and I have awesome conversations that should be shared with the world. And sometimes, I’m really funny and want people to know about it.

No, she is not normally put into my phone as "Seester", but since she is my seester, I figured it would be fine.

No, she is not normally put into my phone as “Seester”, but since she is my seester, I figured it would be fine.

Seriously, you should take the time to Google women in bow ties. It is not a good look for anyone involved, I’m sorry to say.

What’s a Santa Without a Beard?

It’s hard to have a relative be in the hospital. I found out that last night my grandpa had an abdominal aortic aneurysm (try saying that ten times fast), and had to have emergency surgery to fix it.

I didn’t hear about any of this until it had happened and he was out of surgery, which probably saved me a lot of worry, but also made me a bit angry. Angry is better than sad, though, and knowing that he was fine kept me from being sad. That is, until my dad sent me a picture of my grandpa out of surgery.

My grandpa, for as long as I can remember, has looked like Santa Claus. In fact, that was a side job of his for at least the last 20 years. I remember being at most six years old, and seeing my grandpa come out of the bathroom in his red suit (yes, he owns his own) with bleach on his beard to whiten it and rouge on his cheeks. Lately, he hasn’t need to whiten his beard, but the rest of the outfit has been the same. I don’t think my grandpa has had clean cheeks for at least 25 years, which is why this picture was such a shock.

Grandpa Claus and the Mrs.

Grandpa Claus and the Mrs.

They had to cut his beard for the surgery (I don’t know the exact reason – I’m no doctor), and he looks completely different. I started tearing up when I saw him like this, because he looks so much different from how I have always known him.

Anyway, he should be doing fine now, so there’s no need for teary eyes at work. If you have a minute, though, please spare a thought for the Santa without a beard.