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Decor ideas from Big Boy

So, I work in a cubicle. It’s a nice cubicle, with glass walls instead of the blue-carpet-covered-corkboard crap, but it’s a cubicle nonetheless: no door, big desk, computer – you know the drill.

Privacy? What privacy?

Privacy? What privacy?

The problem is that the other side of my glass wall faces a main walkway in my office – great for being a busybody and knowing who is where at most times, less great when people see you through the glass and remember something vitally important that they need to tell you.

This usually ends up with:

  • Me asking them to repeat themselves at least twice
  • Them giving up on repeating themselves more than twice, and walking around to the front of my desk

or, my personal favorite,

  • Them standing on their tippy-toes and pointing their faces at the top of the glass in an effort to help their voice carry over to my ears (yes, it has happened).

All of this has made me decide that I need to take some decorating tips from Big Boy.

Have you ever gone to a Big Boy and had more than the designated four people in your party? They do this awesome thing with the booths where they will take out the middle window section that divides two booth, letting you see everyone in your overly large party without having to sit at separate booths (at least, this is an option at the Big Boy I frequented in my childhood). It was an amazingly easy way to be able to talk to people, and would really solve my people-talking-to-me-through-a-window-like-a-penguin-in-a-zoo problem.

So I think it is time that I formally request slide down window-walls in my office, to further the communications between myself and my fellow coworkers. Although I will miss the unique ways in which they try to talk to me through the glass…

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