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I Need to Start My Own Book Club…

Have you ever had one of those moments where you really need to talk to someone about something, but you don’t want to ruin it for them? Like, you already watched the next episode of a TV show, and something awesome happens that you want to discuss at length, but the person you want to talk to about it hasn’t seen that episode, so you just have to bite your lip, sit on your hands, and wait?


Damn you, George R. R. Martin.

I’m in the middle of that, and it’s going to last for several months, I fear.

I’ve been reading the Game of Thrones series for the past few weeks, along with watching the show on HBO with my man-friend. I’m finally at the third book, which is the part of the story that the show is currently at, so I was racing against the show for a while to read what would happen next before the next episode. I succeeded, but now I wish I hadn’t.

I just read something so big in the book, that I just have to talk to my man-friend about it. Unfortunately, he has just started the series, so he hasn’t read that part yet. Even more unfortunately, the show is done for the season, and they did not do THE BIG THING. This means that I will have to wait for him to read all the way through to this book to talk about it, and until then, I have to keep my trap shut every time he says something kind of related to THE BIG THING.

It’s going to be a long summer.

12 thoughts on “I Need to Start My Own Book Club…

  1. Usually I am on the other side of this. I don’t like reading incomplete series because I don’t like having to wait to find out what happens. This has caused some frustration for my husband in the past. He’s all, “Just read them already!” but I’m stubborn like that.

  2. I am sort of in the same boat, except I am the only person I know who reads at all. Possibly at all in the entire state of Louisiana. I finish a book and I get so pumped about it and then I remember- NO ONE HERE READS.

    I have the first two books of the Game of Thrones series at home, unread. My TBR list is too long for me to handle.

    • I know the feeling. I recently (read: six months ago) went on a book-buying spree, and I still have two or three to go before I will allow myself to check out the library in the town where I recently moved.

      It’s a rough life for readers, but that’s why we have blogs! To reach out to strangers who feel the same way, so we can wallow together. 🙂

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