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Your Wedding Should Not Look Like It Was Planned When You Were Eight

I’m not sure why this is happening, but my life has recently been bombarded by strange weddings. Not strange in a this-article-just-popped-up-in-my-facebook-stalker-feed, but strange in an I-actually-know-people-involved-in-these-weddings kind of way.

Some have been awesome, like planning an elopement to Vegas, but some have been downright awful, like a Disney princess wedding where the bridesmaids were literally dressed up as different Disney characters (this is not the actual wedding, which included bridesmaids that didn’t look like the princesses that they were portraying, and wearing dresses that were only vaguely similar).

Disney pincess

“I don’t really need a groom, right?” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why would anyone do that?

Clearly, they hate their friends, and just wanted an excuse to play dress up as an adult.

I can understand the benefits of saving yourself and your family a ton of money by eloping, but I simply can’t wrap my brain around the idea of forcing your friends to buy Disney princess costumes, which I’m sure are not cheap, and which they will only really use once, maybe twice if they go as a princess for Halloween.

And yes, I understand the bridesmaids dresses in traditional weddings are generally only used once as well, but at least they don’t make you feel ridiculous when you take the pictures (just when you look at them twenty years later, as it should be).

I honestly couldn’t tell you why anyone would think this is a good idea. In my opinion, if you are seriously considering a Disney princess-themed wedding, you are not mature enough to get married.

2 thoughts on “Your Wedding Should Not Look Like It Was Planned When You Were Eight

    • Hey, if it’s something you’re both passionate about, more power to you, but I have trouble believing that this groom really wanted to get married dressed as Prince Charming, with his groomsmen in tights and laced vests.

      It was not a good look on anyone involved.

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