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The Falls

At the beginning of April, I happened upon this post from 20 Lines A Day, where people were encouraged not to write a new poem every day for the entirety of April, as many people do to celebrate National Poetry Month, but to write one poem throughout the month, constantly editing and revising it each day.

Challenge accepted.

Here is the resulting poem, begun after a trip with my man-friend to Niagara Falls.

We laughed through our noses
at the aye’s and long O’s
of the smiling natives
that watched us as we walked.

Connected by the handfalls
or waist
or hip
we walked,
covering miles
and kilometers
of road and park and sidewalk.

Wrapped up in you
and a sweatshirt
I let the sunshine
and the mist of the falls
cover my face and I smiled.

I smiled at you.
Not up, but out,
the way the moon smiles
when the sunlight reaches her.

The mist kissed my face
as I kissed yours,
letting the words of other countries
wash over us.

Then we leaned over the rail
And watched water
and ice
and branches
fall to the fog below.

Disclaimer: I tried revising every day, but got thoroughly distracted with life and things (as I am wont to do). I did, however, do much more revising and editing of this poem than I normally do, and that, in my mind, makes it an accomplished challenge.

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