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Book Series’ to Kill a Few Months

I love a good book series. Something that I can get lost in for months, eating up the stories of these characters that I’ve spent so much time with. And then the series ends, and you feel a little lost for a few hours, and you curse the author, and you curse the person who recommended these books to you for giving you something to love that will eventually die. Like a puppy; puppies will eventually die.

Here are some puppies for you.0978038531995_500X500

1. Outlander

This one is for the people who love historical fiction. Not the historical fiction that includes pirates and wenches fornicating on a deserted island, but actual historical fiction that is based on actual history. This one is based in Scotland. And France. And the Caribbean. And America. And there are pirates, but the ugly kind, not the Johnny Depp kind. I promise, it’s awesome.

2. The Vampire Chronicles

Whether you like vampires or not, Anne Rice does them well. No sparkling, no sex, just fierce attacks and severe emotions. My introduction to The Vampire Chronicles was not Interview with the Vampire, but The Vampire Lestat, which I still maintain is the best; it tells the life story of Lestat as a human as well as a vampire, giving you a well-rounded point of view on life as a vampire. Also, Lestat is not a whiny bitch like Louis (in Interview with the Vampire), and you actually like him as he kills people. It’s a strange feeling, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

3. Sookie Stackhouse

Is it good literature? No. Is it entertaining? Yes. There are about 11 books in the series (probably more since I read it), but they are all pretty quick reads. This series is very different from the show after the first book, so don’t get your hopes up if you love True Blood.

4. Game of Thrones

Yes, we all know about the sex-filled HBO show. Treat yourself to a more in-depth look at the characters by reading the books instead. It will make you look smart, and much less pervy.

5. The Dark Tower Series

Stephen King at his best, The Dark Tower series is creepy, well-written, and just a wicked adventure. If you love Stephen King or have never read him, this is a fantastic series.

Notice that books that you see all over Pinterest are not here (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, etc.). That’s because you know about them. If you are going to read them, you would have done it already. If you don’t want to read them, you probably like Twilight.

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