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Shows You Should Start Watching to Help You Relate to Your Nerdy Friends

Nerds love to create fandoms over things – movies, television shows, actors, whatever. Cool kids generally don’t get it when we make references to weeping angels and Walkers, call ourselves Cumberbabes, and refer to awesome things as “shiny”. Get a NetFlix account and watch these shows – you will finally understand our world and phrases.

1tardisdoctor. Doctor Who

Having a huge comeback lately, Doctor Who is not just for nerdy people – cool kids watch it too. Of course, it tends to make you nerd out about the awesome storylines and connections back to previous episodes or seasons, but that’s beside the point. I suggest starting with Blink, and then beginning with the start of the reboot – it will give you an idea of the awesome and help you get past the horrible special effects of the first few seasons.

2. Game of Thrones

Anybody should be able to like this show, unless you’re offended by massive amounts of blood, carnage, and breasts. Interested? I thought so.

3. The Walking Dead


4. Sherlock

Forget the US version, the BBC take on Sherlock (written by the same guy who currently writes Doctor Who, if you needed any convincing) has beautifully complex stories and not a few one liners and gay jokes.syfy_face_off

5. Face Off

The only time you will see me talking positively about a reality show is Face Off. This show is, for a lack of a better word, amazing. It is a reality competition between professional makeup artists, and the things they create are jsut incredible. If you love horror movies and monsters, this is right up your alley.

6. Supernatural

Attractive gentlemen fighting monsters and almost dying. What more could you ask for?

7. The Guild

While technically not on TV, you can find The Guild on NetFlix, so it counts on here. Following the lives of some World of Warcraft-esque nerds, this show is fantastic to watch with people. Each season is less than an hour long, so it’s easy to watch, and there are more than just nerd-funny references.firefly

8. Firefly

Yes, it only had one season. Yes, it got cancelled due to scheduling problems by Fox. Yes, it is still the greatest show you will watch. Ain’t it just?

9. Downton Abbey

In case you haven’t noticed, nerds like the BBC (I think it’s the sexy accents). While not generally a show that men would get into, Downton Abbey has a lot of historical elements and snarky remarks by Maggie Smith.

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