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Spam Haikus

I read in a book once about a couple that would write each other “spam haikus,” wherein one of them would send the other a string of nonsensical words (much like the paragraph fillers for web pages in the process of being created), and the other would then create a haiku from them. It struck me as very intelligent and sweet that they did this as a way to stay connected, and that little act has stayed with me through the years. Not having a partner who is inclined towards romanticized literary challenges, I decided to make my spam poetry real.

I began reading through my spam emails, looking for ones with enough words that I could make a fun (if slightly nonsensical) haiku from them. Here is the start of what I hope will be a string of successful haikus scattered throughout this blog.

spam haiku1

You loved the stressful
Site of quality options
That thousands searched for.


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