Spam Haikus

I read in a book once about a couple that would write each other “spam haikus,” wherein one of them would send the other a string of nonsensical words (much like the paragraph fillers for web pages in the process of being created), and the other would then create a haiku from them. It struck me as very intelligent and sweet that they did this as a way to stay connected, and that little act has stayed with me through the years. Not having a partner who is inclined towards romanticized literary challenges, I decided to make my spam poetry real.

I began reading through my spam emails, looking for ones with enough words that I could make a fun (if slightly nonsensical) haiku from them. Here is the start of what I hope will be a string of successful haikus scattered throughout this blog.

spam haiku1

You loved the stressful
Site of quality options
That thousands searched for.


Unimaginable Whimsy

The other day, Neil Gaiman tweeted about an act of “unimaginable whimsy” that he will perform if a charity receives enough donations. The phrase stuck with me so much, I decided to hang it in my office. Or rather, on a half wall in my cubicle.


Don’t get me wrong, I like my job, but there are times when you need a contradiction like “unimaginable whimsy” to remind you that a job is a job, and the other things you do in life are what make you who you are.

Also, Neil Gaiman is awesome, and deserves a spot in everyone’s office.

The First Post is Always the Hardest

I’ve been itching to start a blog for a while. Part of it is the urge to write, and write more often. Part of it is a need to craft something more creative than Facebook posts and descriptions of shelves. Part of it is anger at all of the bad writing I see on the internet, because if that typo-ridden homophobe with nothing new or interesting to say has a blog, then what in doggy hell is stopping me? (Don’t worry, that description is more of a summarized ball of wax of the blogs I have come across than one individual person.)

So here I am.

Hopefully this will not be a girly diary filled with PMS and anger at nothing (I have my private journal for that). Hopefully this will be an upbeat place to craft and share my writing. Hopefully you will enjoy it. If not, feel free to leave; I’m not twisting any wrists to make someone stay who doesn’t enjoy me or my style.